The Stereophonics

'Bartender & The Thief '

Live unedited cut from their show at the O2


A highlights montage of a few shows i Directed cameras for, put to the song 'Sockets'

Kaiser Chiefs
'Oh My God'
A 5 Camera shoot i Directed and cut live at the V Festival.

Big Wet Stinky Fish by 'Performed in Sensible Shoes'

A Televisual Groove Feast.

Ria Plays 

'Jar of Fishes'

'Theme for a Jouney'

Pashy Pops

'Cats Meow'

Bo Walton
'S'too Much'
The Stereophonics
'Maybe Tomorrow'
Taken from the dvd i Directed at the Men 
Language, sex, violence, other.

Arthur Mill & The Black Eyed Fridays

'Show me the Girl'

Bo Walton
'Wild at Heart'
Arthur Mills & The Black Eyed Fridays

Curious Egg Film & TV